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INTRO by Black Rhodium - INTRO upgrade for performance products

- INTRO upgrade for performance products

Many audio components are designed specially for high end systems. These include power conditioners, sub-woofers and BNC connected digital to audio converters.

These require very good quality cables to deliver their full performance level, but these cables are necessarily expensive. Not all customers will want to this added expense when they buy their expensive item.

Our INTRO by Black Rhodium range follows the practice of offering a cable at the lowest possible price, but with an outstanding built-in quality of performance.

BNC 75 Ohm cable for DACs

Production Manager Alan Johnson suggested we make an INTRO by BLACK RHODIUM BNC cable as we had a good supply of BNC connectors. As DACs fitted for BNC connection are higher sound quality than for RCA, we decided on a much higher quality level than our RCA cable. We used a very high-quality British made 75 Ohm cable and added a large ferrite to give a further upgrade in sound quality.

Power Cable for Power Conditioners

A good power conditioner is a very serious piece of quality electronics and deserves a very high-quality cable. Our Power Conditioner cable has been designed to deliver a very high-quality sound at a comparatively low price,

INTRO by BLACK RHODIUM power conditioner cable uses a 13 amp power cable and is fitted with a rhodium plated C19 high current IEC connector. The same cable can also be supplied with a C13 IEC for onward connection to equipment.

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