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Minuet Screened Audio Cable 100m Reel

Regular price £2,000.00

Minuet Screened Audio Cable 100m Reel 

Minuet is the ideal low cost high performance interconnect cable, which replaces the award winning Prelude interconnect.

Minuet is a single screened audio interconnect cable with silver plated copper conductors.

Minuet is our new high quality screened interconnect cable, designed to replace Prelude which we can no longer supply.

Minuet will give your system the crisp clear sound for which Prelude won several awards from leading reviewers.

Minuet is highly versatile and can be used not only for RCA stereo interconnects, but also as a sub-woofer cable and as a digital cable between your CD player and D to A converter.

Cable can be purchased by the metre or the reel. Alternatively you can buy fully terminated cable from Black Rhodium dealers.

Specification below:

  • Silver plated copper conductor wire
  • Silver plated copper 92% coverage braided screen
  • New DM-PETM (Demagnetizing Polyethylene) insulation
  • Conductive layer between insulation and screen to minimise microphonic noise
  • Attractive green colour outer sheath
  • Outer diameter 5.5mm
  • ApplicationsRCA stereo interconnects
  • Sub-woofer links
  • Digital audio from CD to D-A