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Oyaide Oyaide FPS-9 F (2 Pack)
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Oyaide FPS-9 F (2 Pack)

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Oyaide FPS-9 F (2 Pack)


“FPS-9” antenna cable is created by advanced craftsmanship. The contact pins are accurately machined from 5N pure silver round bar by highly-programmed CNC machining. And these pins are molded into PTEE which has excellent low-dielectric permittivity for rigidity and seismic adequacy. The locknut and ring are made of brass and also machined by CNC machining for perfect fitting and stable transmission. In addition, likewise, outer shell and body are also trimmed down from brass round bar by CNC machining.

Specification below:

  • Rhodium plated components
  • Pearl white body surface
  • Crimping system enables minimal soldering

Made in Japan by Oyaide