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By Function - 2 Core For Loudspeaker Applications Polka S Loudspeaker Cable
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Polka S Loudspeaker Cable

Regular price £1,600.00

Polka S Loudspeaker Cable

Polka S loudspeaker cable connects between the output terminals of an audio amplifier and the input terminals of a loudspeaker to play music through your loudspeaker.

Polka S loudspeaker cable is designed for high end music systems, where you want a really good quality of sound at a very competitive price. Polka S is also a highly effective upgrade for lower priced cables.

Polka S is assembled by hand at the black Rhodium factory in Derby. Polka S uses materials that have been carefully chosen after very extensive comparative listening tests and are placed strategically to deliver the clearest, cleanest sound quality at a very competitive price. Each conductor is separately screened to minimise electrical interactions between individual current carrying wires.

“Crystal clear treble and high frequencies and a bass to die for.

Polka S loudspeaker cable certainly delivers outstanding sound quality. Whilst the comment ‘a bass to die for’ from ‘audioquarterly’ magazine may be unfamiliar outside the UK, it is an English expression that describes the bass response of Polka S as so good that you really do have to buy it. We would certainly recommend serious music lovers to treat themselves to a demonstration of Polka S at a dealer’s showroom.

Polka S is built to a standard length of 3 metre pairs, but any other length can be supplied to meet customers’ request. Polka S is fitted with rhodium plated locking plugs for a secure termination, but can also be supplied with rhodium plated spades at one or both ends.

Polka S can easily be used to connect to 4 terminal loudspeakers (which have separate terminals for high and low frequency drivers).

For best value we recommend using Bolero jumper links to connect to the second set of terminals in your speaker. You can further upgrade your sound with a second set of Polka S cables with spade connectors for the second connection at the amplifier end.

You can view the Bolero jumper links by clicking/tapping here.