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Stylus R Tonearm Cable

Regular price £600.00

Stylus R Tonearm Cable

Stylus R is an RCA to RCA tone arm cable supplied with an additional earth wire to earth to tone arm to the pre-amplifier. The design is free of the limitation in size that occurs when a tone arm cable is connected to a DIN connector. Consequently Stylus R can be designed to deliver a higher quality sound that if its size were restricted to connect with the DIN.

Compared to the previous Stylus R cable, the new Stylus R offers a big upgrade in sound quality from improved screening against RFI and EMI.

Stylus R is fitted with very high quality connectors - the gold plated GN3 RCA plug that features a 'Straight Line Contact' earth connection that we observe to give a cleaner and less distorted sound quality than using connectors in which the earth or return mates with its socket over the whole circumference.

Stylus R is built to a standard length of 1.25 metres and is supplied with a slightly longer earth wire fitted at both ends with spade connectors and RCA plugs. This gives maximum flexibility in connecting either to screw terminals or to unused RCA sockets.