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Tango by the Metre

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Tango by the Metre 

TANGO is a high quality 2 core loudspeaker cable that meets the need for good sound quality coupled with the attractive finish of a smoothed sheathed cable.

TANGO is made using high quality materials including silver plated copper conductors and silicone rubber insulation.

Silver plated copper conductors are chosen because they give the listener some of the benefits of silver sound quality, but at a much lower cost than using pure silver wire.

Silicone rubber insulation is used because silicone rubber not only has very low dielectric loss, but also as a soft material silicone rubber will damp small vibrations in the conductors that change the electrical characteristics and result in a less focused sound.

TANGO loudspeaker cable is a very cost effective way to achieve good sound quality at a modest cost when terminating the cable yourself.