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From Tradition to Innovation

Oyaide Electric. Co. Ltd have aimed at creating simple, high-qualilty products with the genuine Japanese spirit. We believe that our tradition of hard work and innovation provides the key to unlock the future. Over its history, Oyaide has accumulated da vast and deep storehouse of knowledge that enables us to produce ground-breaking products.

Since the day of our establishment in 1952, we've had opportunities to apply a number of State-of-Art technologies specific to our specialized cable store. Our products reflecting such advantages offer unmatched performance. Furthermore, we are proud of our standard "Made in japan".

Japanese craftsmanship has proven itself to be highly reliable and of the highest quality in the world. We invite you to experience the emotion and the enjoyment that Oyaide products can provide, on the links below:


Low Voltage DC Connectors Mains Connectors Audio Connectors
Connectors For Portables Audio Interconnects Pure Silver Digital Audio
Pure Silver USB Cables Cables For Portables Headphone Cables
Turntable Accessories

Vibration Insulators   

Magnetic Absorbers
Solder Unterminated Cable All Oyaide Products