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INTRO by Black Rhodium All Intro Products 1M RCA Interconnects - Pair
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1M RCA Interconnects - Pair

Regular price £49.95

1M RCA Interconnects - Pair

Introducing INTRO by Black Rhodium.

Inexpensive yet high quality stereo RCA interconnects for your hi-fi system and other audio systems.

the powerful playing is full, open and elegant in every respect...' Hi-Fi Choice - to read the full review, please click/tap here.

Features include:

- Copper core in construction
- Screened internally
- Attractive colour braids of your choosing
- High quality gold plated RCA connectors
- Branded heatshrink for mechanical rigidity and strain relief
- Hand built on site in Derby, United Kingdom
- Lifetime warranty
- A superb introduction to our vast range with parent company, Black Rhodium

SKU codes:
241804 INTRO RCA 1M pair orange
241805 INTRO RCA 1M pair yellow
241806 INTRO RCA 1M pair green
241807 INTRO RCA 1M pair blue
241808 INTRO RCA 1M pair red
241809 INTRO RCA 1M pair black
241810 INTRO RCA 1M pair white