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INTRO 2M Schuko to IEC

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INTRO 2M Schuko to IEC

INTRO by BLACK RHODIUM Power Cable with Schuko plug for Europe

Available through Black Rhodium European dealers, please click here for your nearest dealer in your country

Schuko Mains Power Cable

INTRO by BLACK RHODIUM Schuko Mains Power Cable meets the need for;

·         A mains power cable to bring out the very best in separates music systems

·         A cost-effective upgrade on cables supplied free with your equipment.

INTRO by BLACK RHODIUM Schuko Mains Power Cable is supplied with a Schuko plug for European countries in a standard length of 2m. It is covered in an attractive woven braid that has proved effective in reducing unwanted vibrations within the cable with audibly beneficial results.

Sound quality is further enhanced by a large ferrite core placed close to the socket.  The ferrite attenuates radio frequency interference within the cable giving a clearer and more detailed sound at all audio frequencies.

The full benefit of the ferrite is that INTRO by BLACK RHODIUM Schuko mains power cable is a far more effective upgrade over the cables supplied with equipment, giving a greater justification to buy. At the same time, its superiority over cables without a ferrite enables the music system to deliver a much more enjoyable performance of music.

INTRO by BLACK RHODIUM Schuko Mains Power Cable is available in a choice of 7 different colours – black, blue, red white, orange, yellow and green – enables which will assist in identifying equipment when many different units are used.

INTRO by BLACK RHODIUM Schuko Mains Power Cable UK version is available dealers and distributors in countries that use Schuko mains power.


·         Mains power cable suitable for supplies not exceeding 250 AC.

·         Current rating 6 amps.

·         Length 2 metres

·         Cable diameter 8.1 mm

·         Hand built on site in Derby, England

·         Lifetime warranty

A superb introduction to our parent company, Black Rhodium

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Schuko connected

241925 INTRO Power cable 2m Black

241926 INTRO Power cable 2m White

241927 INTRO Power cable 2m Blue

241928 INTRO Power cable 2m Red

241929 INTRO Power cable 2m Orange

241930 INTRO Power cable 2m Yellow

241931 INTRO Power cable 2m Green