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INTRO by Black Rhodium All Intro Products 3M Sub-Woofer Interconnect
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3M Sub-Woofer Interconnect

Regular price £74.95


Sub-Woofer Cable

INTRO by BLACK RHODIUM Sub-Woofer cable is assembled to a standard length of 3 metres and is fitted with gold plated RCA plugs to connect to the Sub-Woofer. The cable used has been carefully selected for the enhanced interference rejection qualities to ensure a much deeper and tighter bass response.

INTRO by BLACK RHODIUM Sub-Woofer cable is covered in an attractive woven braid that has proved effective in reducing unwanted vibrations with the cable with audibly beneficial

results. The braid can be chosen from 7 different colours which helps when the cable needs to look unobtrusive against the customer’s chosen carpet.

Retail price of the INTRO by BLACK RHODIUM Sub-Woofer Cable in the UK is £74.95 including VAT


·         Screened co-axial cable

·         Gold plated RCA connectors

·         Braided outer screen in choice of 7 colours

·         Length 3 metres

·         Branded heat shrinks for mechanical rigidity and strain relief

·          Cable diameter 8.4 mm

·         Hand built on site in Derby, England

·         Lifetime warranty

A superb introduction to our parent company, Black Rhodium

SKU codes:

241960 INTRO Sub-Woofer Interconnect 3m Black

241961 INTRO Sub-Woofer Interconnect 3m White

241962 INTRO Sub-Woofer Interconnect 3m Blue

241963 INTRO Sub-Woofer Interconnect 3m Red

241964 INTRO Sub-Woofer Interconnect 3m Yellow

241965 INTRO Sub-Woofer Interconnect 3m Orange

241966 INTRO Sub-Woofer Interconnect 3m Green