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By Function - Digital Audio Allegro S Digital
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Allegro S Digital

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Allegro S Digital

Allegro S 75 Ohm Low Noise digital connects from the coaxial digital output socket of a CD player or transport to the digital input of a Digital to Analogue converter.

Allegro S 75 Ohm Low Noise digital is an ideal choice for high quality music systems in the middle price ranges and for upgrading an existing system

Allegro S 75 Ohm Low Noise is made from a screened 75 Ohm impedance cable and is fitted with an additional braided metal screen to reduce radio frequency interference and enhance sound quality. It is covered in an attractive black braid that damps micro-vibrations within the cable.
'...a superb and well made digital cable that will be at home in any high-end system.' - Hi-Fi Choice Magazine issue 480 
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Allegro S 75 Ohm Low Noise RCA digital is terminated with specially designed Graham Nalty GN3 gold plated RCA plugs. A special feature of the plugs is ‘Straight Line Connection’ return connection that has been demonstrated to give a cleaner and clearer sound than plugs with full circumferential connection. Allegro S 75 Ohm Low Noise RCA digital is fitted with red and white marked plugs at its ends to maintain equal stocks of both colours and also acting as an aide memoire for direction when attaching the cable.

Allegro S 75 Ohm Low Noise BNC digital is also terminated with the new Black Rhodium BNC connectors fitted with gold plated pins for long life without tarnishing.