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By Function - RCA Stereo Calypso S Stereo Interconnect
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Calypso S Stereo Interconnect

Regular price £420.00

Calypso S stereo interconnect connects audio equipment via their RCA phono sockets.

Calypso S is designed for use in high quality audio equipment where the quality of sound is a highly important requirement. 


Design of Calypso S is based on the very popular Calypso stereo interconnect, but its sound has been very effectively enhanced by using some of the high-end technology originally developed for the award-winning Charleston loudspeaker cable. The result is a cable that delivers stunning clarity of sound to all who use it at a very cost-effective price.

The sound of Calypso S is further enhanced by using the highly effective Graham Nalty GN4 RCA plugs. These plugs feature the outstanding ‘Straight Line Contact’ earth return pin that can be shown to deliver much clearer sound than plugs in which the earth return connection is made over the whole circumference.


Calypso S is manufactured in standard lengths of 1m pairs and 1.5m pairs. Other lengths can be supplied on request