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Calypso Sub Woofer

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Calypso Sub Woofer  

Calypso Sub Woofer interconnect available in 3m, 5m, and 10m lengths.

Calypso is a multiple screened interconnect cable with silver plated copper conductors.

Its sound quality is enhanced by its thicker insulation that reduces distortion due to magnetic field interaction between conductors, giving a much clearer sound and better separation between voices and instruments.

Calypso is the ideal cable for people who seek a much high sound quality than we can offer from Minuet.

To achieve this improvement in sound quality, Black Rhodium has used a much purer metal (SPOCC) for the signal conductors and provided much more effective screening against RFI  The braided wire screen is fully covered by an aluminum foil tape and then a second screen, removing much more of the effects of RFI that very subtly diminish the clarity of your music.


Specification below: 

  • SPOCC high purity copper conductor wires
  • New DM-PETM (Demagnetizing Polyethylene) insulation
  • Conductive layer between insulation and screen to minimise microphonic noise
  • Hourglass gold plated RCA connectors
  • Triple screen94% coverage braided screen
  • Aluminium foil wrapping
  • 89% coverage braided screen
  • Attractive violet colour outer sheath
  • Outer diameter 5.5mm
  • ApplicationsRCA stereo interconnects
  • Sub-woofer links
  • Digital audio from CD to D-A