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By Function - RCA Stereo Charleston RCA Stereo Interconnect
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Charleston RCA Stereo Interconnect

Regular price £2,000.00

Charleston RCA stereo interconnect connects between RCA sockets in your source equipment and amplifier or between your preamplifier and power amplifier.

Charleston RCA stereo interconnect is designed to be used in music playing equipment of the highest quality.

The design principles of the Charleston RCA stereo interconnect were based on minimising all types of audible distortion in cables based on an understanding of the Laws of Physics which show how electrical music signals can be distorted along the length of an audio cable. More information on this research can be read in Graham Nalty’s book ‘All Audio Cables Obey the laws of Physics” which can be bought via the Black Rhodium web site.

The Charleston RCA stereo interconnect has been developed from the extreme high end Flamenco cable, but with simpler design and less components to include as much of the Flamenco technology as possible for its price.

Charleston RCA stereo interconnect cables are terminated with Graham Nalty’s GN4 rhodium plated plugs with the ‘Straight Line Contact’ return conductor. In tests some years ago, we were astonished at how much the sound quality of a cable could be improved with ‘Straight Line Contact’ return conductors compared with the more traditional circumferential return conductors.

Rhodium plating applied to the Graham Nalty GN4 plugs ensures a cleaner and less corroded contact is maintained between the plug and socket and its effect is a much livelier and more exciting sound from the music. 

Specifications of Black Rhodium CHARLESTON RCA stereo interconnect

• Braided screen and vibration damped along its whole length 
• Rhodium plated connecting pins
• Straight Line Contact return conductor connection
• Cable assembled by hand in England
• Weight of 1m terminated pair TBA


Price of 1m pair £2000.00

Price of 1.5m pair £2800.00