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By Function - 2 Core For Loudspeaker Applications Overture Loudspeaker Cable
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Overture Loudspeaker Cable

Regular price £2,000.00

Overture Loudspeaker Cable

Overture loudspeaker cable connects between an audio amplifier and a pair of loudspeakers via 4mm socket terminals.

Overture loudspeaker cable has been developed to give customers the very best value for money when used with loudspeakers priced between £5000 and £10,000, although it works very well with all systems.

The design principles of the Overture loudspeaker cable are based on minimising all types of audible distortion in cables based on an understanding of the Laws of Physics.  These show how electrical music signals can be distorted along the length of an audio cable. More information on this research can be read in Graham Nalty’s book ‘All Audio Cables Obey the laws of Physics” which can be bought via the Black Rhodium web site.

The design of Overture loudspeaker cable has been developed from the award-winning Charleston loudspeaker cable with fewer components and simpler design to give customers as much as possible of the sound quality of Charleston, but at a much lower price.

The cable uses cryogenically treated high current silver-plated copper conductors and is well screened against external radio frequency interference and magnetic fields. A high-quality braid ensures that the cable is vibration damped along its whole length.

Connectors are rhodium plated locking plugs that provide a very strong and secure connection to equipment. Rhodium plated spades connectors can be provided at either end on request.

Rhodium plating applied to the Black Rhodium locking plugs and spades ensures a cleaner and less corroded contact is maintained between the plug and socket and its effect is a much livelier and more exciting sound from the music.

Improvements you will hear compared to less expensive cables include;

  • Clearer and more open sound
  • Improved stereo separation of sounds
  • Wider dynamic range
  • More natural presentation of vocals
  • More space around singers and instruments
  • Greater sense of acoustic space during recording
  • More obvious background silence between notes.
  • Faster transient response
  • Longer and more accurate decays of musical notes
  • Clearer and more distinct bass notes without resonance
  • Superior portrayal of rhythms in music


Overture 3m pair terminated with rhodium plated locking plugs £2000.00

Overture 5m pair terminated with rhodium plated locking plugs £2800.00