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By Function - Power Cables Minuet 5a Power UL to IEC Power Cable
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Minuet 5a Power UL to IEC Power Cable

Regular price £280.00

Minuet 5a Power UL to IEC Power Cable

A Power Cable that delivers

In February 2022 Black Rhodium launched the Minuet S stereo interconnect. We were very pleased to experience the much tighter control of bass notes that defined the beat of the music. Since then, Minuet S stereo interconnect has received a highly complementary 5 Star ‘Recommended’ review in Hi-Fi Choice magazine.

The same technology has been applied to the design of Minuet mains power cable.

MINUET Mains Power cable benefits from the technology developed for cables of the highest level of sound quality. MINUET Mains Power cable is hand built in Derby using the highly regarded Libra power cable which is covered along its length with a highly effective screen against extraneous RFI and EMI and that is covered by an attractive black braid that has excellent vibration damping properties.

This new approach in MINUET Mains Power has created a cable that significantly upgrades the performance of Black Rhodium cables at its price. Benefits of the new technology approach can be heard from the deeper and more powerful bass, clearer mid-range frequencies and a smoother but well detailed high frequencies.

MINUET UL Mains Power cable is available in standard lengths of 1.7 metres which Black Rhodium has tested to produce superior sound to all other lengths of cable. This length is highly convenient for application in almost all hi-fi systems.

MINUET UL Mains Power cable is fitted with a high quality rhodium plated UK mains plug that have been very successfully applied to many other Black Rhodium cables.