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By Function - Sub Woofer Minuet S Sub Woofer
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Minuet S Sub Woofer

Regular price £300.00

Minuet S Sub Woofer
Minuet S sub-woofer cable connects between the RCA socket of a preamplifier and active sub-woofer.
Minuet S sub-woofer cable is based on the same design as the Minuet S stereo interconnect which exhibits a very tight and well controlled bass. Such design properties make Minuet S sub-woofer cable ideal for its purpose.
Minuet S sub-woofer is supplied in 3m and 5m lengths and other lengths can be made to customer’s order.
Minuet S sub-woofer cable is fitted with gold plated RCA connectors for long reliable operation.