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Operetta Collection Operetta Digital Audio Cable
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Operetta Digital Audio Cable

Regular price £330.00

Operetta Digital cable connects from the coaxial digital output socket of a CD player or transport to the digital input of a Digital to Analogue converter.

Operetta 75 Ohm Digital audio cable is aimed at audio equipment of above average sound quality to deliver the most benefit from using a separate DAC.

Operetta 75 Ohm Digital audio cable Is also ideally suited for upgrading systems with separate CD transport and DAC.

Operetta Digital is hand assembled at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby using high quality parts and materials, The design of Operetta is based on very extensive research work and auditioning of test cables carried out to develop the higher quality Largo and Toccata digital audio cables. Operetta Digital is simplified in design to attract a wider audience from its lower, more competitive price.

Operetta employs silver plated conductors, for maximum transmission of high frequencies, enclosed in in a low loss dielectric material. This is then covered by a conductive layer to prevent microphony and screened in a silver-plated copper braid. A plastic sheath covers the screen. Further screening is applied to reduce EMI and RFI effects. The whole cable is covered in an attractive black braid that also damps down unwanted vibration. A printed heat shrunk label defines the cable direction by reading from CD to DAC.

Operetta is terminated with specially designed Graham Nalty GN3 gold plated RCA plugs. A special feature of the plugs is ‘Straight Line Connection’ return connection that has been demonstrated to give a cleaner and clearer sound than plugs with full circumferential connection. Operetta is fitted with red and white marked plugs at its ends to maintain equal stocks of both colours and also acting as an aide memoire for direction when attaching the cable

 Makes a positive difference where it counts – sound quality”. HI-FI WORLD

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Operetta Digital is made in lengths of 1 metre, and any other length can be supplied on request. Usual termination is via RCA connectors and Operetta Digital can also be supplied with BNC connectors at one or both ends on request. RCA to BNC adapters can also be used to connect to BNC sockets.