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Operetta Sub Woofer

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Operetta Sub Woofer

Operetta Sub Woofer cable connects between the RCA socket of a preamplifier and active sub-woofer.

Operetta sub-woofer cable is based on the same design as the Operetta S stereo interconnect which exhibits a well-controlled bass in which portrays very well how the bass notes start and stop. Such design properties make Operetta sub-woofer cable ideal for its purpose.

Operetta sub-woofer cable is supplied in 3m and 5m lengths and other lengths can be made to customer’s order.

Operetta sub-woofer cable is fitted with the very highly regarded Graham Nalty GN4 rhodium plated plugs with the ‘Straight Line Contact’ return conductor. In tests many years ago, we were astonished at how much the sound quality of a cable could be improved with ‘Straight Line Contact’ return conductors compared with the more traditional circumferential return conductors.