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Overture RCA Stereo Interconnect

Regular price £1,200.00

“ . .Overture is an excellent and very well-made high-end interconnect that more than justifies its price.”




Black Rhodium Overture RCA stereo interconnect is designed to connect from the output RCA sockets in source equipment or preamplifier to the RCA input sockets of an audio amplifier. 

Black Rhodium Overture RCA stereo interconnect is ideal for use in high end music playing systems based around loudspeakers currently selling for up to £10,000, but we do advise you to seek advice and demonstration from your nearest Black Rhodium dealer.

Black Rhodium Overture RCA has been designed along the principles described in Graham Nalty’s book ‘All Audio Cables Obey the Laws of Physics’. This shows how the Laws of Physics affect the flow of electricity via a cable and cause your music signal to distort. These principles were first applied to the design of the Charleston loudspeaker cable. Considerable time, effort and expense was devoted to developing techniques to minimise ALL of the many forms of sonic distortion described by the Laws of Physics. When a cable was built in which ALL distortion types were. minimised, sound quality was considerably improved on anything previously auditioned.

Black Rhodium OVERTURE RCA stereo interconnect has been designed to minimise ALL distortion that the Laws of Physics describe. Its construction is a simplified version of the Charleston RCA stereo interconnect with less components, but with as much of the latter’s technology as can be included at its price.

OVERTURE RCA stereo interconnect uses a cryogenically treated conductor wire which is well screened against RFI and EMI induced distortion by multiple screens and is damped against the distortion caused by micro vibrations within the cable along its whole length.

OVERTURE RCA stereo interconnect is fitted with the very high quality Graham Nalty GN4 rhodium plated plugs with the ‘Straight Line Contact’ return conductor. In tests some years ago, we were astonished at how much the sound quality of a cable could be improved with ‘Straight Line Return’ connection on the RCA plugs.

Sound Quality

Black Rhodium Overture RCA plays music beautifully.

Improvements you will hear compared to less expensive cables include;

  • Clearer and more open sound
  • Improved stereo separation of sounds
  • Wider dynamic range
  • More natural presentation of vocals
  • More space around singers and instruments
  • Greater sense of acoustic space during recording
  • More obvious background silence between notes.
  • Faster transient response
  • Longer and more accurate decays of musical notes
  • Clearer and more distinct bass notes without resonance
  • Superior portrayal of rhythms in music

OVERTURE RCA stereo interconnect cables will be available at these prices;

1m pair OVERTURE RCA fitted with GN4 RCA plugs £1200.00

1.5m pair OVERTURE RCA fitted with GN4 RCA plugs £1700.00