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Oyaide - Turntable Accessories Oyaide BR-12 Turntable Mat
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Oyaide BR-12 Turntable Mat

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Oyaide BR-12 Turntable Mat

BR-12 is a turntable mat made from butyl rubber that sits between the record and the turntable platted to reduce vibrations from the turntable to the stylus and improve the sound of your vinyl collection.

BR-12 has excellent vibration absorption properties and its high coefficient of friction improves adhesion to the record disc and prevents slipping of the record disc. Even when playing a cartridge with a high needle pressure, the record disc does not slip and stable record playback can be obtained at all times.

The butyl rubber is further enhanced in vibration reduction by blending tungsten, which has been used to replace lead as an anti-vibration material, into the butyl rubber. Both butyl rubber and lead work in combination to further absorb vibrations and result in a very clear sound quality

The record disc has a mortar-shaped taper with an elevation angle of 1.0° from the centre to the periphery, and by adhering the record disc to the taper, the warping of the record disc is tamed. The record needle's movement is stabilized and the tracing of the sound groove is dramatically improved. A total of 18 tuning holes are provided on the taper to eliminate the habit of rubber materials that tend to become dead. Only incidental sounds related to unwanted vibrations are reduced without impairing the sense of vibrancy.

The tuning hole also functions as a finger-hook groove for smooth removal of 10" and EP vinyl records. The rounded taper on the outer edge of the BR-12 allows for smooth removal of the BR-12 from the record player. The outer diameter of 294 mm allows smooth removal of LP discs (300 mm in diameter).

The 5mm-thick turntable mat is the same thickness as the turntable mats supplied with many record players, allowing replacement with the supplied one without having to adjust the height of the tone arm.

Sound quality of the BR-12 can be further enhanced by applying a weight on top of the record which has a further damping effect. The heavier weight STB-HSX will give you a further improvement in sound over the STB-MSX.

You can browse those weights, above, by clicking/tapping here.

Your BR-12 is supplied with a really rather nice Strobo disc and overhang gauge.

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