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Oyaide - Mains Power Connectors Oyaide C-079 IEC
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Oyaide C-079 IEC

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Oyaide C-079 Gold Plated IEC

The C-079 is a true reference-grade connector employing super thick (0.2micron) 24k gold-plating directly applied on the polished surface of receptacle and blade. The polishing process is then again (twice) carried out on the phosphor bronze surfaces. The combination and thicknesses of plating, and the quality of the polishing, are carefully controlled to maximise sound quality. Where rhodium sounds pure and strong, gold sounds warm and luxurious: truly a wonderful-sounding connector.

Specification below: 

  • Model:  P-079e & C-079
  • Plug Type: EU standard
  • Wire Diameter: 6.5mm – 17mm
  • Wire Gauge: Max AWG10 (5.5sq)
  • Surface Treatment: 24K Gold Plated
  • Withstand Voltage: 10A/250V – 16A/250V
  • Material: Anaerobic phospher bronze (surface polishing)


    Made in Japan by Oyaide

    SKU: 870121

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