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Oyaide - Mains Power Connectors Oyaide C-246 20A IEC
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Oyaide C-246 20A IEC

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Oyaide C-246 20A IEC

Every one of Oyaide products are totally "made in Japan" even down to minute component, all because for Oyaide to maintain high standard of quality and reliability, it is essential to have every production system under our direct and strict control. Our products are for special market where minute vibration from loose connection or due to imperfect choice of material could become a vital failure.

Oyaide carefully design each and every component for easiness in assembling, simplicity and requirement, cost factor is secondary. Instead we ignore excess decoration and unnecessary complexity. We are proud to present the true value for your enjoyment.

These plugs and connectors are not merely high grade; every step is taken to realize the `State of Art` for audio application.

Further specification below:

  • Plating: Silver(1.5μ) + Rhodium(0.3μ)
  • Install cable O.D.: min 6.5mm - max 17.0mm
  • Maximam wire gauge: AWG10(5.5sq)
  • Rated V/A: C-246: 125V・20A <PS>E 250V / 16A CE


      Made in Japan by Oyaide.

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