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All Products Oyaide GBN Banana Plugs (4 Pack)
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Oyaide GBN Banana Plugs (4 Pack)

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Oyaide GBN Banana Plugs (4 Pack)

Banana plug.

24K gold plating.
Produce a graceful sound.

A high rigid stainless steel screw with a diameter of 5mm was used for a cable penetration part with a diameter of 4mm. This eliminates the gap between the main body and the screw part, and realizes secure contact and fixation with the cable and the body with the two screws.

  • Material : Phosphor bronze
  • Plating : 24K gold plating
  • Wiring method : Dual screw clamp method
  • Outer diameter : 8.0 mm
  • Applicable conductor diameter : ~ 4.0 mm (5.5 sq)
  • Packing number : 4 pieces
  • Others : L type hexagonal wrench included

Made in Japan by Oyaide