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Oyaide - Headphone Cables Oyaide HPC-35 SRH
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Oyaide HPC-35 SRH

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Oyaide HPC-35 SRH

The Shure range of SRH headphones have been developed for recording studios and DJ mixers and have been long accepted as a reference in studios and with DJs. The headphones are also widely accepted by music fans on account of their excellent sound quality.

The bayonet locking mechanism is moulded so that the contact between cable and headphone is coordinated with a smooth precision. PBT engineering plastic is used so that its hardness and accuracy reduces wear even with repeated removal.

Available in 1.3 and 2.5m lengths.

Cable – HPC-22W 4mm
Conductor – PCOCC-A (3/20/0.08 AWG 22)
Insulator – PFA resin
Shield – PCOCC-A Spiral shield (53×0.12)
Sheath – TPE
Plating – Silver + Rhodium (3.5 mini & ¼ phone plug)
24K gold 2.5mm dia 3 pole headphone plug
Plug – Bayonet headphone plug (PBT moulding, brass cover)
Solder – Oyaide SS-47

Made in Japan by Oyaide

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