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Oyaide - Headphone Cables Oyaide HPC-35HD500
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Oyaide HPC-35HD500

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Oyaide HPC-35HD500

Options of 1.3m or 2.5m in length.

3.5 "HPSC-35HD500" which adopted a stereo mini-plug.

"HPSC Series" is headphones portable audio system cable of the オヤイデ electricity which is good at exact conductor "102 SSC" and" 100% pure silk filament ".
The thickness of the signal line constructed by exact conductor "102 SSC" is a 0.3 scare of the room. From a delicate high level to a powerful low level, I transmit the sensitive headphones output without the settlement faithfully. "100% of pure silk filaments" adopted on inter. / exterior jacket control static electricity and vibration effectively, and they largely reduce a noise. I realized clear sound in high definition.

White and the mosaic-like chic cable color by the black match any headphones without a sense of incongruity. And this time "HPSC Series" increases a bayonet lock-type headphones cable [HPSC-35HD500 / 63HD500]. [HPSC-35HD500 / 63HD500] can use "the HD500 series" of then Heiser traditions such as HD598/HD599 for popular audio-technica "M series" as a studio monitor.

[conformity models]
・SENNHEISER: HD599/HD598/HD579/HD569/HD558/HD518
・audio-technica: ATH-M70x/ATH-M50x/ATH-M40x
・Ultrasone: Signature Pro/Signature DJ/Signature Studio/Performance 880/Performance 860/Performance 840, KRK KNS8400/KNS6400

■A bayonet clip made of engineering plastic (PBT).
I put adjustment on a design with the precision of the micron unit, and the bayonet-type locking mechanism of "HPC-35HD500/HPC-62HD500" molds a mold so that a smooth, strong grip is provided. I use engineering plastic (PBT) which optimized the hardness to be superior to the durability and dimensions precision in the resin for the mold, and not to let a locking mechanism on the headphones body side wear in the putting on and taking off of the repetition.

I may not in this way let I can hold headphones surely and the headphones body wear. In addition, I attach the getting out brass cut chromeplating cover that gave minute knurl chopping fine to a handle part. I facilitate the attachment and detachment of cable and bring beauty of the feel of a material to a bayonet clip. In addition, I made the 18K gilding on 2.5 φ 3 pole pin of the bayonet clip.

■Exact conductor 102 SSC.
HPSC Series is new series as a substitute for HPC Series. There is the key technology to "exact conductor 102 SSC" and "the silk". To a cable conductor, I adopt "exact conductor 102 SSC" as new material as a substitute for PCOCC-A. "Exact conductor 102 SSC" that オヤイデ electricity produced it as a high-end audio system cable has already got a high evaluation throughout the world, but, as for the adoption to headphones cable, this becomes naive. By the 7/7/0 .089 rope twist that the conductor constitution was superior in flex resistance, the thickness is a 0.3 scare of the room. From a delicate high level to a powerful low level, I transmit the sensitive headphones output without the settlement faithfully. I adopted "exact conductor 102 SSC" to a shield and assumed it a spiral shield superior in flexibility.

■A pure silk filament.
In interposition, I adopt 100% pure silk filament not to be charged with electricity by static electricity in low capacitance. When a signal flows in a cable, feeble vibration occurs, and the material charged with electricity by static electricity does corona discharge by the vibration. I mount a silk filament to solve this problem. Furthermore, I coat "100% of pure silk jackets" for the exterior of the cable. I largely reduced a noise without spoiling flexibility by these synergy. White and the mosaic-like chic cable color by the black perform matching without a sense of incongruity to any headphones.


An article name: HPSC-35HD500
A cable: HPSC-22W
Conductor / shield: 102SSC
Insulator / sheath: TPE
Interposition / exterior: 100% of pure silk filaments
Cable outer diameter: 4.0mm
An HPSC-35HD500 3.5 stereo mini-plug: P-3.5SR (silver + rhodium plating)
Headphones edge end: 2.5mm tripolar (the gilding) bayonet lock type (PBT mold)
A solder: Original no lead silver solder SS-47
Length: 1.3m or 2.5m

    Made in Japan by Oyaide

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