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Oyaide - Headphone Cables Oyaide HPC- Quad 35
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Oyaide HPC- Quad 35

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Oyaide HPC- Quad 35

Options of 1.5m or 3m in length.

In order to maximize the sound of the precision conductor "102 SSC" developed by Oyaide Electric Co., Ltd., "HPC-26QUAD" has been developed as a headphone cable with excellent electrical characteristics by adopting a 4-core star quad structure with silk interposition.

Since it started to sell only at Oyaide Denki direct management stores, it has been supported by many self-made enthusiasts for its clear and three-dimensional sound, the evaluation quickly spread, and many people come from abroad to purchase. I will.

In order to deliver the sound that has been endorsed to more people, we carefully selected the headphone terminal from among the many wonderful headphones and commercialized it as a headphone re-cable "HPC-QUAD Series".

Introducing the "HPC-QUAD series," a premium headphone re-cable that has been achieved through the fusion of the superiority of silk materials and the latest technology, realizing a flexible handling with a highly transparent urethane sheath.

As the first of the new series, a lineup compatible with the 3.5mm stereo jack, which has the most needs for detachable cable headphones, will be released.

The "HPC-26QUAD", which has a star quad structure and excellent electrical characteristics, will fully demonstrate its potential in the "HPC-QUAD Series" of the future, and it will be one answer to bring your headphones closer to the ideal. Would be

Oyaide Electric's proud copper wire "precision conductor 102 SSC"

The electrical conductivity of wire drawing is 102.3% IACS by conducting the current annealing treatment based on the optimum temperature and time adjustment. Elastic and highly insulating polyester elastomer is used for the insulation material, and protects the lines between 0.13sq x 4 cores without stress.

Uses a 3.5mm stereo plug compatible with various removable headphones.

By adopting a 3.5mm plug of the neck length type, it is also compatible with jacks located in recessed areas such as SONY MDR-1A. It can also be used for wired connection of wireless headphones equipped with a 3.5mm stereo jack.

Very good cable electrical properties
Capacitance: 208pF/m, Conductor resistance: 143.0mΩ/m As low as 3.0m, it retains excellent characteristics even in long lineup of 3.0m.

Silk interposition that absorbs electrostatic induction noise
By adopting 100% pure silk filament, which has the lowest relative dielectric constant among fiber materials, as an interposition, electrostatic induction noise that occurs between lines is absorbed, and charging is greatly suppressed.

In the single-ended lineup that uses one, 2 cores out of 4 cores are connected to each of the left and right channels to reduce conductor resistance, improving localization and center of gravity reproducibility. *The two-sided output lineup (release date undecided), which will be released in the future, uses a star quad structure and supports +/- balanced connections by connecting 2 cores to each of the left and right channels.

High-density silver-plated OFC braided shield with a braid ratio of 97%
For the single-end lineup, connect a shield layer with a conductor cross-sectional area of ​​AWG#20 to GND. External noise is shut out by using pure silver plating type 1 OFC for the shield and finishing it into a high-density braid with a shielding rate of 97%.

Ultra clear polyurethane sheath with high flexibility and durability
The exterior sheath is covered with a highly transparent double urethane sheath, and the inside is covered with a soft urethane sheath to ensure flexibility. A headphone-only design cable that has a 4mm outer diameter and is flexible to handle, making it easy to adapt to various situations.

Made in Japan by Oyaide

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