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Oyaide - Cables For Portables Oyaide HPSC-63J
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Oyaide HPSC-63J

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Oyaide HPSC-63J 

Headphone extension cable.
1/4'' jack to female 3.5mm, 1.3m or 2.5m lengths available.

Further details below:

100% pure silk filament is taking advantage of the property of neutralizing the static electricity, inclusions fill the gap between the signal line and the shield, and are used in the braided jacket to cover the cable surface. This effectively suppress the generation of static electricity in the cable. The noise due to static electricity has been greatly reduced. White and black chic cable color of the mosaic tone by, it can match even without discomfort to any headphone.

“hpsc-35j / 63j” headphone extension, the extension of the headphone cable to match the use scene of headphones, and a 3.5 stereo mini 6.3 you can use in applications, such as converting to a standard plug.

Made in Japan by Oyaide.

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