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All Products Oyaide HPSC-LL 3.5mm 0.1m
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Oyaide HPSC-LL 3.5mm 0.1m

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Oyaide HPSC-LL 3.5mm 0.1m

HPSC-LL can be used as a 3.5mm stereo mini cable for relay cables for connecting high resolution players and mobile phones to portable headphone amplifiers and so on. Your headphone life can now be more convenient and fascinating high quality sound can be acquired.

0.1 metres in length.

HPSC Series is a new series of headphone / portable audio cable from Oyaide Electric and has already earned high praise around the world. The basis of the technology is “mechanical peeling” which removes impurities from 100% of copper wire surface, and “natural diamond die” which smoothes the copper wire surface to the limit. From delicate high frequency to powerful low frequency, we deliver delicate headphone output faithfully without stagnation.

Made in Japan by Oyaide