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Oyaide - Headphone Cables Oyaide HPSC-X35 3.5mm to mini XLR
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Oyaide HPSC-X35 3.5mm to mini XLR

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Oyaide HPSC-X35 3.5mm to mini XLR

Options of 1.3m or 2.5m in length.

HPSC-X35 is a high-grade headphone cable. The key technology of “HPSC-X35 / X63” is in “Precision Conductor 102 SSC” and “Silk”. The combination of these key technologies results in a cable that offers superior static electricity suppression, noise reduction, and flexibility. From delicate high frequency to powerful low frequency, we deliver delicate headphone output faithfully without stagnation.

  • Cable – HPSC-22W
  • Conductor – 102 SSC 0.3 sq (7/7 / 0.089) × 2
  • Insulator – TPE (olefinic elastomer)
  • Intervention – Pure silk filament
  • Shield – 102 SSC side-wound shield (58 / 0.089)
  • Outer covering – Pure silk filament braid
  • Conductor resistance: max. 67.9 [Ω / km]
  • Insulation resistance: min. – 1 [MΩ · km]
  • HPSC-X35 connector (headphone amplifier side contact part) (3.5 mm mini plug) brass thick-silver plating (1.5 μ) + rhodium plating (0.3 μ) finish
  • HPSC-X35 connector (Headphone side contact part) 3 pole mini XLR (gold plating)

Made in Japan by Oyaide

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