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Oyaide - Turntable Accessories Oyaide HSR-102SSC Headshell Wires
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Oyaide HSR-102SSC Headshell Wires

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Oyaide HSR-102SSC Headshell Wires

The new “HSR-102” is released as the replacement model of our previous “HSR-CU” copper headshell wires. But it isnʼt just a replacement model with new copper conductor.

This new copper is made from Japanese made 1st. class virgin OFC copper and processed through finest peelings on surface and done by two times annealing forgetting the best performance from the copper material. And we carefully chose the conductor size and designed wire configuration in order to get a flat and wider frequency range playback sound from most of phono cartridges.The second improvement is new outer jacket material which combining anti-static ability and excellent flexibility. It prevents electrostatic buildup. So the less unwanted static noise from the playback. Excellent flexibility will help for easy installation.

Specification below: 

For the end-clip for “HSR-102”, we adapted phosphore bronze for the material combining excellent spring properties and higher electrical conductivity. As for end-clipʼs  will hold the terminal pins more firmly for a long time. The 3 point contacts of the triangle shape end-clip can hold the pins firmly even though the pin is bigger O/D size than usual. it also enables a significantly reduced contact resistance between the end-clip and the terminal pin and it avoids unwanted vibrations. 24K gold thick plating process avoids contact failure even over time. The Inner diameters of end-clips on one side ( w./ black shrink tube) are 1.0mm for headshell pins and the other side pins ( w./ each colored shrink tubes) are 1.2mm for phono cartridge pins.

Made in Japan by Oyaide

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