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Oyaide - Vibration Insulators Oyaide INS-CF Carbon Insulator
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Oyaide INS-CF Carbon Insulator

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Oyaide INS-CF Carbon Insulator

Astonishing vibration dispersing property

Oyaide Electric Co are knowledgeable about the importance of vibration control for the quality of audio playback. And they have reflected it in product development since a long time ago. The success of carbon headshell "HS-CF" and wall outlet plate "WPC series" verified the excellent vibration damping property of carbon material.

Individual material has only one vibrational mode. This means that it might be suffer from the disadvantage of specific character of each material. In order to disperse the vibrational mode of the carbon material, we employed a new material called "silver carbon" which is the high-density glass fiber processed by aluminum metalizing coating and has moderate hardness.

Due to this hybrid structure, INS-CF insures the improvement of resolution and response of your audio environments.
Highly rigid CFRP and Silver carbon are composed as the hybrid structure for INS-CF. In spite of its small size and lightness in weight, it provides excellent vibration damping property and insulation from the floor.

Due to the different types of twilling method, CFRP and silver carbon has different density which is an important factor for vibration dispersing property. In addition, it is coated by highly-rigid epoxy resin for strength and durability.

As a tuning chip, INS-CF can be placed not only under the audio equipment or speakers as an insulator but also top or back panel of equipment. Due to its lightness in weight, it is easy to be attached to the various spots such as analog tonearm, cable, power distribution tap, and wall surface of your audio room. (Please prepare double-sided tape for pasting.)

Both its Carbon surface and silver carbon surface can be the top depends on your favorite. CFRP surface tend to emphasis high speed feeling of sound source. In comparison, Silver carbon surface tend to emphasize smoothness of it.
The load capacity per piece is 6t when it is flatly placed on the smooth surface. It can be used with heavyweight equipments. The edge is rounded for scratch-resistant and "Oyaide" logo is incused on the surface of the silver carbon for its solid identity.

Specification below:

  • Material: CFRP(Dry carbon cloth and epoxy resin), Silver carbon(high-density glass fiber processed by aluminum metalizing coating)
  • Layer construction:
    30 layers(Silver carbon layer is on the surface of a side)
  • Dimensions:
    D 20mm、H 6mm(Round shape)
  • Weight:
  • Load capacity per piece:
    6t (on the flat and smooth surface)
  • Packing:
    4 in 1 box

Made in Japan by Oyaide

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