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Oyaide - Magnetic Absorbers Oyaide MWA-RC Anti Distortion RCA Caps (6 Pack)
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Oyaide MWA-RC Anti Distortion RCA Caps (6 Pack)

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Oyaide MWA-RC Anti Distortion RCA Caps (6 Pack)

Oyaide MWA-RC RCA Jack Caps are packed in sets of 6 pieces

The original Magnetic Wave Absober, MWA series, was first released in 2009 and become very popular for its sure effect against noise generated by excited electric magnetic waves around equipment.

MWA-RC was created by the develpment that was applied to this MWA material for an RCA cover cap to prevent EMA, noise and dust altogether with very easy usage just simply attach it onto the RCA jack sockets.

These caps are highly effective and very popular with Black Rhodium dealers.

Specification below:

– Simply push the cap in the receptacle hole which is not being used.
– The material of the body is polypropylene which damps the tiny vibrations of the contacts.
– 1mm thick MWA electric wage absorber attenuates noise from the contacts.
– The cover cap prevents dust and the troubles lead to by dust.
– Can be used to both Input and Output jacks.

    Made in Japan by Oyaide 

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