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Oyaide - Magnetic Absorbers Oyaide NRF-005T
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Oyaide NRF-005T

Regular price £20.00

Oyaide NRF-005T

Noise suppression tape 

Oyaide Noise Reduction Fabric Tape is a highly effective means of reducing noise in cables and electronic circuits that can enhance the sound quality of any music system.

When wrapped around a cable, Oyaide NRF-005T will reduce the noise floor without deforming or distorting the waveform of the original sound.

The result is a much clearer focus on the sounds of voices and instruments. Music becomes clearer and easier to enjoy.

Here's a recent testimonial from one of our customers: 

“As a recent customer I thought report my findings with the Oyaide noise reducing tape. I applied the tape to my interconnect cables and my speaker cables.

I didn't  notice a huge improvement until I applied the tape to each of the speaker cable conductors rather than wrapping it around to combined whole of the (web spaced) cables.

Suddenly I 
could hear all positive comments mentioned in reviews.
All I will say is that it sounds as 
though I have upgraded a major component in my system and for just for £20! I suspect that the tape works optimally on unscreened cables. “

DF,  Stockport

Oyaide Noise Reduction Fabric Tape is a very cost-efficient means of upgrading music systems as only a small length of tape is required to wrap around a cable,

Only 50 mm of tape is required to wrap around both channels of a stereo interconnect such as Black Rhodium Minuet.

Full whitesheet from manufacturer available, click/tap here

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874150 Oyaide NRF-005T Noise reduction Fabric Tape 4m reel £100.00

874151 Oyaide NRF-005T Noise reduction Fabric Tape 0.5m pack £20.00

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