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All Products Oyaide P-079e Gold Plated Schuko Plug
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Oyaide P-079e Gold Plated Schuko Plug

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Oyaide P-079e Gold Plated Schuko Plug

These 100% Japanese-made connectors have been designed to provide a quality in order to galvanize your audio connections. Oyaide has selected each material to obtain a top-reliable connector, reducing vibrations to the benefit of longevity and signal stability.

The contacts are made of bronze phosphor with double polishing and 24K gold plating to ensure best conductivity. In addition, the tightening system (screw) accepts large conductors types (up to 6mm in diameter).

The whole system is protected by a robust capsule made of 30% glass fiber. A wide clamp is used to secure the cable and prevent movement while allowing large cable diameters (up to 17mm).

Specification below: 

Type Power connector
Format CEE 7/7
Materials Body: Fiberglass
Screws: Stainless Steel
Contacts: bronze phosphore (double polishing)
Plating: Gold 24k
Nominal voltage 250V 16A
Suported Cable diameter 6.5 to 17 mm⌀
Maximum driver diameter 6 mm⌀