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Oyaide - Turntable Accessories Oyaide SCR-S Cartridge Screws (Short Set)
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Oyaide SCR-S Cartridge Screws (Short Set)

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Oyaide SCR-S Cartridge Screws (Short Set)

S variant for 'Short'.

Contains screws of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm length.

The cartridge is one of the main components of sound when playing records, cartridge selection is one of the real thrill of analog audio fans. However, if the screws are not selected or installed properly, you can not fully bring out the performance you can achieve. For example, generally aluminum screws are low in rigidity and can not be said to be the best in terms of sound quality.

SCR-S is a product developed to solve this problem and deliver better record life. By using SCR-S, you can firmly attach your cartridge and draw out its performance to the maximum.

The screw / nut produces a luxurious feeling around the cartridge while improving corrosion resistance by applying 24K gold plating to the brass made of excellent rigidity. In addition, by providing a gold plating layer of different hardness from brass, dispersion of the vibration mode unique to the material was attempted. The screw head is less likely to be crushed compared to the Phillips screw, and the flat head minus screw which is easy to tighten is adopted. By providing a non-slip flat knurl on the nut, it makes it easier to press the nut at the time of tightening, making screws less liable to spin. The outer diameter of the screw head / nut is 4 mm small head size which is difficult to scratch the periphery of the cartridge, it can also be used for the head shell with the counterbore process for the screw head fitting.

The industry’s first new material “Carbon graphite nylon washer” becomes the key part of SCR-S. This washer combines both metal and resin characteristics, that is, moderate slipperiness and cushioning property, it reduces screw spinning and enables stronger tightening. This improves the adhesion between the cartridge and the head shell, eliminating the rattling of the cartridge, which causes sound quality deterioration. The washer has an outer diameter of 4.7 mm, which is larger than the outer diameter of the screw head / nut, thereby increasing the contact area to the cartridge / head shell. Distributing the bearing pressure of the screw reduces deformation and collapse around the cartridge, making screws less susceptible to loosening.

Made in Japan by Oyaide

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