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Oyaide - Audio Connectors Oyaide SPYT Spades (4 Pack)
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Oyaide SPYT Spades (4 Pack)

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Oyaide SPYT Spades (4 Pack)
We consider that the cable terminal is one of the most important parts in the audio components. SPYT (silver) and GYT (gold) are especially designed for additional tone control without changing cable character.

Further specification below:

  • Material – Oxygen free copper
  • Plating – GYT: 24K gold SPYT: silver layered palladium
  • Connection – soldering or pressure bonding
  • Speaker post diameter – 6mm or 8mm
  • Maximum cable diameter – 5 mm
  • Attachment – heat shrink tube (4pcs)
  • Packing – 4 pcs included

    Made in Japan by Oyaide


    SKU: 871123

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