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Oyaide - Audio Connectors Oyaide SRBN Banana Plugs (4 Pack)
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Oyaide SRBN Banana Plugs (4 Pack)

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Oyaide SRBN Banana Plugs (4 Pack)

Smooth and Tight. This is the theme that SRBN aimed at through characteristic of chosen materials. To hold tightly by using minimum components, SRBN is made by deoxidised phosphor bronze, which is used in many contacts due to its excellent springiness and electric property.

When SRBN was planned, we paid most careful attention to the design of its contact tip. It is slit up in a cross shape and divided in quarters to ensure the maximum contact area and is designed to be fit tightly into terminals when it is inserted. The size was determined based on WBTs speaker terminals, but it can be fit in any terminals. After more than ten times of repeated cut and try, SRBN was exquisitely-designed to be inserted smoothly and not to be come off easily.

The maximum install cable O.D is 4mm (5.5sq).

By employing 5mm dual screw connection system, it in-fills the internal space and holds conductor perfectly. The blue screws, made of stainless with quenching treatment, are highly-rigid and emphasise the beauty of SRBN

The design concept of SRBN is inspired by “Breguet”, the luxurious Swiss watch. The slip resistance engraved on the body is reminiscent of Guilloche pattern on a surface. Furthermore, the screw is blue steel processed by quench-hardening using same technique as hands of a watch for the purpose of improvement of mechanical strength and oxidation resistant.

The body is trimmed down from 8mm phosphor bronze bar by precision CNC machining. It is finished by mechanical barrelling and hand polishing piece by piece. The plating of the mirror finished body is a combination of silver (1.5μ, inner) and rhodium (0.3μ, outer).

Further specification below: 

  • Material
  • Phosphor bronze
  • Plating
    Silver (1.5μ, inner)+ Rhodium (0.3μ, outer)
  • Connection
    Dual clamping screw system
  • Diameter
  • Install cable O.D
    4.0mm (5.5sq)
  • Packing
    4 pieces in a box
  • Attachment
    L-form hex wrench

      Made in Japan by Oyaide


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