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Oyaide - Turntable Accessories Oyaide STB-CM6 Carbon Pipe (6 Pack)
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Oyaide STB-CM6 Carbon Pipe (6 Pack)

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Oyaide STB-CM6 Carbon Pipe (6 Pack)

Focusing attention on the acoustic property of the carbon, we at Oyaide Electric have release many audio accessories. Applying those know-how, “STB-CM” was produced as the multi-use carbon pipe which is made of 3mm thick, highly-rigid and lightweight carbon CFRP.

This simple designed pipe works as the replacement weight for the Oyaide original “STB-MS” vinyl stabilizer, the cable stabilizer for line, speaker, and power cable, and the insulator placed under your devices.

Furthermore, it has ultimate possibility as the component parts of a D.I.Y item. “STB-CM” will become a part of your idea and production.

Specification below:

After Carbon fiber is multi-layered and heat-hardened, it is molded into 3mm thick CFRP pipe. The highly-rigid property of carbon quickly attenuates vibration. It also enhances resolution and S/N ratio due to the electro-magnetic shielding.

Made in Japan by Oyaide

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