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Oyaide - Turntable Accessories Oyaide STB-EP45 Stabiliser Bubble Level
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Oyaide STB-EP45 Stabiliser Bubble Level

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Oyaide STB-EP45 Stabiliser Bubble Level

The diameter of STB-EP has been designed and manufactured with an accuracy of microns. Its snug fit minimizes any eccentricities in the record for most accurate playback and no skipping under aggressive DJ use.

Specification below:
  • Size: Diameter 38mm, height 27mm
  • Mass: 130g
  • Body: Shaving brass, chrome-plated finish
  • Bubble tube: Made of acrylic
  • Bubble tube sensitivity: 0.50mm / m = 0.028 – (bubble begins to move tilt)
Made in Japan by Oyaide

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