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Oyaide - Turntable Accessories Oyaide STB-HWX Heavy Vinyl Stabiliser
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Oyaide STB-HWX Heavy Vinyl Stabiliser

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Oyaide STB-HWX Heavy Vinyl Stabiliser

As an ultimate taste of audio hobbies, analog records are deeply and widely penetrated all over the world even in the 21st century. The pleasure of analog reproduction is in the ritual itself of setting the record board to the player and dropping the cartridge, and the record stabilizer can be said to be the mast item playing a part of the ritual. In Oyaide Electric, we released Record Stabilizer ‘STB – MS’ and ‘STB – HW’ in 2010. We recorded a cumulative shipment number of more than 2,000 and got the hearts of analog fans widely.

In 2014, Oyaide’s record stabilizer will further upgrade as “STB-MSX” “STB-HWX”. In place of texarum of the previous model, carbon FRP is adopted as top and bottom disk top. We have further improved sound quality by excellent vibration treatment of carbon FRP. We aim to disperse the vibration mode with four kinds of composite materials, including A5052 aluminum alloy which constitutes the top and bottom disk, weight made of brass chrome plating, EPDM rubber weight spacer for converting vibration into thermal energy, and carbon FRP, Clear out unnecessary vibrations that would obstruct analog reproduction. It brings out the dynamism of music.

As a feature of the previous model, mass variable type with attachment / detachment of weight, sound quality tuning by carbon FRP weight “STB-CM”, EP adapter function are inherited as it is. The stylish appearance of “STB – MSX” “STB – HWX” is carefully designed so that it is familiar with the hands firmly, and it can reliably and safely put on the record board. We line up the standard model “STB-MSX” that is excellent in usability and the “STB-HWX” of the heavy weight model, and it responds to a wide range of tastes of analog users.

Weight can be changed by the number of weights installed. You can do the best tuning that suits your feeling. Furthermore, “STB – MSX” can be recombined into an optional carbon weight “STB – CM”, standard weight and hybrid can be installed, further broadening the range of tuning.

For the donut board, set STB – MSX / STB – HWX ‘s top disc facing down. By fitting the EP adapter part of φ 38.1 into the hole of the donut disk, it functions as EP stabilizer. The EP adapter part has a delicate taper towards the top surface and also follows the variation in the hole diameter of the donut plate. Just fit all donuts. For the record (EP · SP · etc …) other than the donut plate, set the top disk of the STB – MSX / STB – HWX facing upward.

Made in Japan by Oyaide 

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