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Oyaide - Unterminated Wire Oyaide Vondita Power by the Metre
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Oyaide Vondita Power by the Metre

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Oyaide Vondita mains power cable


  • Oyaide Vondita is a mains power cable designed to deliver the superb sound in the very best music systems.
  • Oyaide claims that Vondita cable has a bewitching tone that people who have heard it have described as magical or artistic. “A beautiful and magical work of art, the VONDITA-X will continue to capture the hearts of those who listen to its bewitching and lustrous tones, bringing voices to life from the silence of space”.
    The VONDITA-X conductor wires are made from Oyaide’s premium quality 102SSC conductor wires. Special features of the 102SSC wires include;
  • Only virgin copper, which does not contain any recycled copper, is used in accordance with JIS C1011 to avoid impurities as much as possible.
  • Peeling process is applied to remove 100% of impurities adhering to the surface.
  • To facilitate the flow of electrical signals through the conductor surface layer, wires are thinned with a natural diamond die to improve the surface smoothness of the strands.
  • The wires are thinned with a processing accuracy of ±1μm, far exceeding the standard error tolerance of ±8μm.
  • Annealing process twice eliminates mechanical stress distortion of the strands.
  • Thorough product management of manufacturing control values, maintenance, and number of shipping days. The conductivity is 102.3% IACS, which is the highest class.
  • The design of VONDITA-X cable uses silk to assist in reducing internal vibrations with VONDITA-X. “The drain wire has DNA-like double-helix structure, and the outer sheath is made of a combination of different materials. All of these are the crystallization of our commitment to thorough vibration control. Vibration suppression is an important element in audio, and this is reflected in the internal design of the cable without compromise. Silk inclusions are also effective in suppressing static electricity. The harmony of these internal designs and the 4.0sq internal conductor with a special twisted structure using the precision conductor "102SSC", provides excellent spatial expression while maintaining quietness and optimal bandwidth balance for music reproduction.” 


  • Conductor material is 102ssc high purity copper.
  • Wire size is 4.0 sq. mm per conductor or 11 AWG
  • VONDITA-X contains 3 wires for live, neutral and earth
  • Insulation is Polymer Polyolefin
  • Shield is Copper Foil
  • Cable sheath is PVC + Polyolefin
  • Outside diameter is 13.0 mm