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Rhodium Plated 4mm Locking Banana Plug White

Regular price £40.00

Rhodium Plated 4mm Locking Banana Plug White

Black Rhodium’s locking banana plug ensures a smooth connection to socket, ensuring you can set your systems settings to the max without any worries.

Ideally suited for 3.5 square mm to 15 square mm, these plugs help take your system and cable to the next level without the expense of a full overhaul.

Specification below:

  • Smooth locking action to secure connector to socket
  • Two screw connection for added reliability
  • Cable end screw can be used to secure the cable over its insulation
  • Pin end screw makes secure electrical connection to conductor
  • You can use this connector with cables from 2.5 sq. mm. to 15 sq. mm