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By Function - Digital Audio Rondo 2 Digital RCA to RCA
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Rondo 2 Digital RCA to RCA

Regular price £120.00

Rondo 2 75 Ohm Digital 

Rondo 2 75 Ohm Digital cable connects from the coaxial digital output socket of a CD player or transport to the digital input of a Digital to Analogue converter.

Rondo 2 75 Ohm is designed for use with lower priced D to A converters giving good sound quality at a reasonable price.

Rondo 2 is a British cable made for Black Rhodium that provides 75 Ohm impedance connectivity for digital audio and radio frequency applications.

Rondo 2 75 Ohm digital can be supplied with a choice of either RCA to RCA or BNC to BNC terminations. RCA termination uses gold plated ‘hourglass silhouette’ RCA connectors and BNC terminations use the new Black Rhodium BNC connectors with gold plated centre pins.

Rondo 2 75 Ohm digital is available in 1 metre and 1.5 metre lengths.