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Stream S Power

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Stream S Power

Stream S is a mains power cable for high quality audio equipment. Stream S can be fitted with a choice of 13 Amp plugs for the UK, Schuko plugs for many European countries or UL connectors for the USA and many other countries.

High quality audio equipment needs a clean power source to perform at its best and Stream S delivers the best sounds that let you enjoy extremely clear and clear sound from your music system. Stream S is highly effective at enhancing sound quality by upgrading your power cables. Each additional component upgraded with Stream Swill deliver a further improvement to your sound. Its power rating of 13 amps is more than adequate for high power amplifiers.

Stream S power cable can be supplied fitted with plugs for use in the UK (flat pins), Europe (Schuko) and US and elsewhere (UL), please select a termination option on this page.

'...well worth considering if you want to get every last drop of performance from your hi-fi system.'
'...I personally found that it works at its best when used with source components, but you won’t regret using it with amplification either.'                 
- Martin Pipe - Hi-Fi World

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Stream is assembled by hand at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby using parts carefully selected after extensive listening tests.

Stream S uses silver plated copper conductors insulated in low loss silicone rubber. These are twisted and screened against RFI and EMI and covered with a vibration reducing attractive black braid.

Stream S is fitted with silver plated UK mains power plugs whilst both Schuko and UL and use Black Rhodium’s own ‘Power’ rhodium plated plugs. Black Rhodium ‘Power’ rhodium plated IEC connectors are used to connect to equipment.

We supply Stream S to a length of 1.7 metres following extensive listening tests that showed power cables delivering best sound at a length of 1.7 metres. We are happy to supply other lengths on request.

Cables can be supplied with either a UK 13 A amp flat pin plug, or the European Schuko plugs, or UL plugs which are used in many other countries An IEC C13 connector socket is fitted as standard to connect to equipment, and IEC C19 high current sockets can be supplied on request.

The Stream S mains extension set enables 6 separate mains cables to be connected to your mains supply. This uses the same high quality shielded cable as Stream S.