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By Function - 2 Core For Loudspeaker Applications Twist Classic
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Twist Classic

Regular price £200.00

Twist Classic loudspeaker cable connects between the output terminals of an audio amplifier and the input terminals of a loudspeaker to play music through your loudspeaker.

Twist Classic is your best choice of cable for lower priced music systems, but where sound quality is a high priority. Twist Classic is an excellent upgrade for all cables that do not have a large ferrite to reduce distortion from radio frequency interference.

Twist Classic is assembled by hand at the black Rhodium factory in Derby using the very popular Twist cable.

The sound is considerably enhanced by the addition of a large ferrite core at the loudspeaker end which removes effects of radio frequency interference to give a much cleaner and clearer sound to your music.

Twist loudspeaker cable has been extremely popular with Black Rhodium customers since its launch several years ago.

Twist cable uses a much thicker insulation over its conductors than other comparable cables to increase the distance between conductors. The larger distance between conductors reduces magnetic fields generated by the current one conductor at the other conductor. This reduces the distortion caused by the magnetic field on the signal in the other conductor that results in a more pleasant and relaxed sound.

Twist Classic is fitted with gold plated Z plugs chosen specially for a high quality of sound without affecting the overall price.

Twist Classic is supplied in lengths of 3 metre and 5 metre pairs, and can also be supplied in other lengths to meet customers special requirements.

For loudspeakers with 4 terminals (separating connections to bass and treble drive units) we recommend Twist jumper links to connect to the second set of terminals in your speaker as best value. For a further upgrade we can supply a second set of Twist Classic with spade connectors at the amplifier end.

Specifications of Black Rhodium TWIST CLASSIC:
- Conductors: 24 x 0.2mm diameter (19 gauge) tinned copper

- Insulation: Silicone rubber type GPC

- Insulation thickness 1.2 mm