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By Function - BiWire & Links For Loudspeaker Applications Twist Speaker Links
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Twist Speaker Links

Regular price £80.00

Twist Speaker Links

Twist loudspeaker cable has won several 5 Star reviews plus a 'Cable of the Year award' plus for its outstanding sound quality and value for money. This is an ideal choice of cable for our first set of speaker links.

Gold plated Z plugs used were chosen for Twist by audition for their excellent sound quality and value for money. The same plugs, featuring a hollow plug body are also used in Twist Links.

Gold plated spades that we use have been carefully selected to complement the cable and plugs.

Twist Links are supplied to 165 mm wire length and fitted with spades at one end and 4mm plugs at the other end. Twist Links can also be supplied connected spade to spade or 4mm to 4mm.

When using Twist Links, we recommend connecting your loudspeaker cable to the bass river terminals on your loudspeaker and use the links to connect to the treble driver terminals,

Twist Links give you best value when used with Black Rhodium Twist, Twist Classic an Opus loudspeaker cables and are ideal with all other cables of similar price or performance.