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Waltz Speaker Links

Regular price £300.00

Waltz Speaker Links

Black Rhodium Waltz loudspeaker cable has been popular with customers for a number of years thanks to its clean and detailed sound and neutral presentation. Waltz cable upgrades the sound of Foxtrot by using rhodium plated connectors throughout and a highly effective RFI screen over each conductor to reduce the effects of radio frequency interference. Black Rhodium Waltz Links were initially developed from the Waltz loudspeaker cable with similar construction. When Black Rhodium launched the much upgraded Waltz S using newly developed technology, the new design was not suitable for its technology to be applied to speaker links so we have kept the original Waltz links without change.

Waltz Links uses the Graham Nalty GN1 rhodium plated plugs. The plugs are connected to their sockets via a Straight Line Contact that we find delivers a much clearer and cleaner sound than the more conventional plugs we use.

Waltz Links are terminated in rhodium plated spades which we find superior in sound quality to gold plating.

Waltz Links are supplied to 165 mm wire length and fitted with spades at one end and 4mm plugs at the other end. Twist Links can also be supplied connected spade to spade or 4mm to 4mm.

Waltz Links give you best value when used with Black Rhodium Waltz S and Waltz loudspeaker cables and are ideal with all other cables of similar price or performance.

  • 2 core loudspeaker cable
  • Screened Speaker Links
  • 0.18m length
  • Finished in attractive black absorbent braid
  • Diameter of cores 5mm
  • Terminated in rhodium plated GN-1 plugs and rhodium plated spades