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INTRO by Black Rhodium All Intro Products INTRO Power Cable 13A to C19 IEC 1.5M
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INTRO Power Cable 13A to C19 IEC 1.5M

Regular price £194.95

INTRO Power Cable 13A to C19 IEC 1.5m Black

1.5m Black

INTRO for PREMIUM PRODUCTS power cables are specially designed to give consumer a very high quality cable to use with power conditioners at a very affordable price.

Versions of the cable are available for use with both UK and European Schuko mains supply systems

Cables are fitted with the high current IEC C19 connector for connecting from the wall socket to the power conditioner.

Unlike other high quality mains conditioner cables that use highly specified power cable, INTRO for PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS  power cables use basic quality power cable, but are extremely well screened against RFI and EMI by using a highly effective metal braided screen developed in the design of extreme high end audio cables. The end result is a cable that delivers excellent sound at a highly affordable price.