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INTRO by Black Rhodium - INTRO for your First System

- INTRO for your First System

Our INTRO for your First System cables have been designed specially for your very first music system with separate components.

INTRO for First System cables prices may very competitive, yet able to deliver the very best sound you can enjoy.

The ‘go to’ cables for first hi-fi separates music system.

The RCA stereo interconnect below was joined by an RCA connected digital interconnect below which was one channel of the stereo cable and a loudspeaker cable that was also very competitively priced. The loudspeaker cable won a ‘5 Globes’ award from Hi-Fi World.

The stereo interconnect and the loudspeaker cable featured below are aimed directly at people buying their first hi-fi separates music system. When people are choosing their first system, they may not be familiar with hi-fi. Their source, amplification and loudspeakers are their main consideration. They do not want be to confused by different cables. They just want cables that will do full justice to their new system without and INTRO by Black Rhodium does just that.

We offer all cables in seven different colours to extend our individuality, a marketing advantage in a crowded market place. Using expandable braids to show colour had another advantage - the braids dampen the micro-vibrations caused by the small electrical currents that carry the audio signal and the cables sound better as a result.